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Adobe Muse is amazing!!

I have recently started using Adobe Muse and it has to be the best web design software I have ever used. The ability to design for desktop, tablet and mobile just adds to the quality of the product. I am working on a new site at the moment and it is the most pleasurable web design experience I have ever had. This is the product that should have been around years ago! It is fantastic for designing sites quickly without having to touch a line of code. I created some quick design work today to check out the code and it pretty much creates exactly the code you would use if you had hand coded the site. I can’t believe I have only just started using this software! I am really looking forward to using this a lot over the coming months.

You climb a mountain one small step at a time…

In my mind developing the skill of patience when you are starting out creating online projects is probably the most important skill-set. I am convinced that the main differences between the people that succeed online and the people that fail are mostly in the mind. In the past I have had the tendency to start lots of projects and only complete a few of them. I am trying to work on the mental skills required to take a project from beginning idea to completion without getting lost in the process and flipping to a new project. The analogy of climbing a mountain 1 small step at a time really fits with what I think could be the most important skill-set for success in pretty much any endeavor. Setting an endpoint in your mind and then not quitting until you reach the goal. Obviously this might mean changing any initial ideas you may have about the path and letting the journey determine the path to your goal. Recently I have started tracking my daily activities, from work activities, diet, exercise plans all on a simple spreadsheet. I have started this because I am trying to improve a few different areas of my life at the same time. Logging my work activity has allowed me to centralise all of my ideas instead of splitting them over multiple docs/text files or e-mails. It keeps these ideas in a central place where I can analyse them against other ideas instead of isolating them, it is helping to make better decisions because through the process of completing tasks on the spreadsheet it clearly shows every step in the decision making path, so I can see why I made certain decisions at certain points. This is making it less likely for me to jump ship because I can track my thought processes. In the diet area I have been using the same spreadsheet to track what I am eating, I am trying to lose weight so everyday I have a calorie allowance of 1500 calories, I am also using a + and – point system for exercising and not exercising. I have lost 9lbs in 3 weeks, I ran 5k and completed a 10k bike ride yesterday. I am going to keep using this system and I will share some screenshots or a video in the future of how I am tracking and planning with the system. Another bonus of the spreadsheet is that it has enabled me to project my plans a few years ahead. I know these plans will most likely change as I go forward but having the projections I am looking to meet right in front of me has given me a healthy concept of the time needed to achieve a real goal. This system is already having a load of benefits in my personal and business life. Small changes can equate to big changes and using this system is enabling me to move closer towards my goals.

The Evil Procrastination…

Well this blog is becoming a bit of a random motivational video collection. Oh well who cares, today I have found some great videos about the dreaded procrastination.

I have actually been thinking about procrastination and how to avoid it today before I saw the video above that Tijn posted on Stack That Money. At the moment I am getting stuck into Javascript training. So I am going through a kick my arse into super quantum coder mode by cramming code and Cadbury Crunchies into my face at a super fast pace. I am doing this training at the wonderful codeacademy.com, basically the courses offer you small rewards(badges) and prizes for completing coding tasks. It is a really good idea and as far as I can tell follows the principle of chunking tasks into small easily digestible pieces. It definitely helps with the feeling of overwhelm that you sometimes have when starting a new task. I think the same principle could easily be applied to other tasks. Say if you are trying to write a dissertation or a university paper or really any work at all. I think the website is great and it’s definitely worth checking out if you need to learn to code.

I have also been watching some coding videos by a guy called Bucky Roberts on youtube. Check out his website http://www.thenewboston.com. So I went through his series of 40 Javascript tutorials yesterday and at the end of going through these videos I noticed he had posted up some videos about Surviving the Wild?? This is a coder?? I thought he would get about as wild as leaving his desk for the bathroom once every few hours. But no, this crazy guy decides to go out into the wild mountains near New York and survive with a pen knife, a tiny pan, some flip flops, a compass, a hoodie, a piece of rope and some flint for sparking a fire. He gets lost on the first day and ends up in the middle of nowhere! Watching the videos I genuinely thought he was going to die. He comes up with some pretty ingenious ideas to survive in this situation. I’m pretty sure the videos are all on his website or you can search youtube for his name and you will find him.

I have also recently become a big fan of NLP. I really thought it was hocus pocus rubbish until I started listening to some NLP and hypnosis tapes. It is really helping me to get some clarification with things. The NLP recordings have titles that sound psychotic like “Sheer resolve to do what it takes”. I am listening to these tapes before I go to sleep and before I get up in the morning and they are honestly making me feel a lot more positive about a lot of things. I really believe that our brain chemistry plays a massive part in how we respond to the world around us. For me I have seen a marked improvement in the amount of work I have achieved this week and it has given me a lot more clarity on ideas. So I am going to continue with this little experiment!

Another great motivating video…

Success and failure are 2 sides of the same coin, without one you will never be able to reach the other. You are probably thinking what is he blabbering about?? Well the little video above just goes to prove what people have achieved when everyone and everything was telling them to give up. I am still slowly moving towards my goals and I am currently completing the STM 40 day challenge, in this challenge you create 3 campaigns a day for 40 days. The aim of this is to find as many winning campaigns as possible although it is with the prior understanding that the majority of campaigns will fail. Unfortunately this costs money and time and is the phase where most people give up. I am not going to give up whatever it takes I will reach my goals. If it means failing a thousand times so be it! Onwards……. I have a feeling that this will last longer than 40 days. That’s all for now, back to coming up with some campaign ideas. Boom!

I have used up all my weak…..Time to make this happen!

The 2 best decisions I have made in learning my trade

I am still working on getting to my target of hitting 2k per week. In the effort to achieve this goal I have been studying hard, at the moment I am studying about 12 hours a day. I have joined 2 of the best forums related to internet marketing and e-commerce the first is called IM Grind and the second is called Stack That Money or STM. I have been involved in web design/internet marketing for years in one way or another but joining these 2 forum’s has been the biggest eye opener for me. Both of these forums are full of experienced marketers sharing ideas, strategies and helping each other to achieve their goals. It is not this that I have found that surprising is more how small the group of people that are actually successful online really is. Sure you can go to WF and all the “Guru’s” are there but they only make money selling dated ideas to people who don’t have the experience to know better. It has been enlightening to have the curtains pulled back on a lot of things. Anyway all I can say is that I am glad that I made the decision to join both of these forums and I aim to start launching campaigns within the next week. I am cramming as much as possible and then I will pick a project/direction and then start testing campaigns on a few different traffic sources. Anyway just wanted to make a quick post, it’s way late.

Peas out.

List of Impossible things to do…

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey towards attaining my goals. I have been inspired by Joel Runyon at http://impossiblehq.com/ I don’t want to spend too long thinking about these goals and I would prefer if they are actually spontaneous. I have come to the conclusion that over thinking is the bane of my life. I need to think less and do more, and adjust en-route. I hope to share my adventures on this blog. I intend to create my future, starting now. Why not now it’s as good a time as any.

– Learn to drive and pass my driving test.
– Buy a car.
– Driving trip around europe.
– Live in another european country for a year.
– Learn to speak French/Spanish/Portugese/German/Scandinavian Language.
– Spend 3 months in New Jersey with family.
– Add meditation to my routine.
– Road trip in Ireland.
– Cycle around England.
– Do the peaks challenge.
– Run 5k
– Run 10k
– Run half marathon
– Run marathon
– Complete sprint triathlon
– full triathlon.
– change diet.
– stop smoking for ever.
– Complete P90X fitness program.
– Learn to kite surf/windsurf. (dedicated holidays to learn)
– Learn a marital art (Krav Maga)
– Get a six pack. (I am at least a few stone over weight at the moment, this is going to be a challenge, although I lost a lot of weight last year through diet and exercise so I know it is possible).
– Get a 20k deposit together for my own flat.
– Build business profit to 2k profit per week in 6 months. I am a member of IM Grind a private forum (the best in my opinion) dedicated to building online businesses. I have also been a web designer and online marketer for years. This is the most important goal really, without this one the others will be very difficult to achieve. I have used a similar business model before and had a lot of success so I know it is possible.
– Biggie – get a girlfriend.
– Do something big for charity.
– Inspire one person.

This post will be added to and changed and updated many times.

Dissecting Online Product Launches…

I just wanted to write a quick blog post about something I have been researching in my own time. Basically I have been a part of a private marketing group dedicated to launching digital products online. A lot of the information is excellent and some of the members makes a lot of money but the information is mainly based around the “make money online” niche. I am considering setting up a website that will analyse the marketing tactics of a few product launches a month, basically to back engineer the marketing tactics that are used to launch these products. A lot of these products make 6 to 7 figures on launch. I know a lot of this is achieved through joint ventures and affiliates especially in the “make money online” niche where everyone seems to sell the same information back to each other in a variety of different formats. I have made a decision to stop buying products for a while. Over the years I have invested a lot of money to acquire the knowledge I now have and I don’t need more information. The most important thing is to be creative and put a spin on the information, I don’t want to create a product about making money online a lot of people have done it better than I ever could. But I am interested in pursuing other niches and I have some ideas about targetting some offline niches with online product launches. It is then a matter of creating an excellent product, with an exceptional offer. Not that hard then. :) I hope to launch a product in the next 12 months but I have to make sure it is the right thing. Some people especially on places like the warrior forum launch a few products a month, to me that just says the product must be crap and they are just trying to milk launch after launch and make the maximum amount from gullible people. I really want to understand the psychology of the bigger launches and understand what makes these products launches successful by studying the processes that are undertaken in greater detail. I mean trying to take the marketing apart from the auto-responder sequence through to the sales funnel, this will be with one golden rule, I will not buy the product. This is about understanding the marketing approach to selling the product not the actual product itself, it is always better to watch what people do and not what they say. Obviously I am not stating that these products are rubbish, I will try and stay out of that all together by just studying their marketing approach. I will decide on a few launches to focus on and start putting some of my thoughts on here.